Skull T-shirts by Mr Four Fingers

Chaos_Rules_Mens_MFF_1 Faceted_Skull_Grey_Mens_MFF_1 Faceted_Skull_Navy_Mens_MFF_1 Tiger!Tiger!_Mens_MFF_1


We’ve got a selection of skull t-shirts here which we created through, Mr Four Fingers. They are all original illustrations by Doug Henderson, the artist behind MFF, and are a mixture of direct-to-garment (DTG) and screen prints and are all limited edition – so once sold out they won’t be printed again – unless you have 1 million Bitcoin. Then we can talk.

It’s £20 ($34) a shirt and we ship worldwide plus you’ll get a free illustration (next 10 orders), a surprise from Heisenberg and a discount voucher too.

View MFF T-shirts in the SAS Shop



Picture courtesy of a happy customer, the dude who runs the very cool website, The Creative Book.

View MFF T-shirts in the SAS Shop