Skull T-shirts from RSI Apparel

CRYSTAL-BLACK-FRONT RSI apparel CRYSTAL-WHITE-POCKET-TEE-FRONT-560x560 KILLING-TIME-BLACK-FRONT skull apparell The-Hand-That-Feeds-Black-RSI apparel fhobik1-560x560I think that Doug has been building up to do a post on RSI Apparel as he’s recently bought some really good t-shirts from these guys – but I obviously beat him to it. BOOM. I’m actually waiting for pay day before splurging on some of these amazing designs.

A bit about RSI…

At RSI Apparel work with talented artists to bring you more than just a logo – But real art that is made accessible through quality clothing. With others, the Logo is king – At RSI Apparel, Design is King – their goal is to create brilliant design that supports our artists and provides a platform for talent.

RSI Apparel is an open community where artists can contribute towards creating great apparel with real design.