Skull Study by Mr Four Fingers

Fast_and_loose_Skull_pen_drawing_9 Skull Study Fast_and_loose_Skull_pen_drawing_8 Skull Study Fast_and_loose_Skull_pen_drawing_7

Skull Study is an ongoing series of skull drawings by Mr Four Fingers. These skull pieces generally involve silhouetted type figures with their ‘faces’ sliced off. This reveals a skull and concentric bands of colour. This time the colour is gold metallic paint.

This is the 4th in the series skull of studies with the style leaning more towards “fast and loose”. A term Mr Four Fingers uses when things get a little dirty.

Skull Study 4 was created with fineliners, pocket brush, Indian ink, metallic paint and spray paint. Visit the Mr Four Fingers website to check out more of the process shots.