Skull Stickers and Original Drawing by Defame

Defame_Skull_Drawing_Brushpen_5 skull stickers Defame_Skull_Drawing_Brushpen_4 skull stickers Defame_Skull_Drawing_Brushpen_3

Defame_Skull_Drawing_Brushpen_1Defame_Skull_Drawing_Brushpen_2 skull stickersDefame_Skull_Drawing_Brushpen_6

We recently posted about some skull stickers from the devilish mind of Defame. Since then we decided to purchase some of those stickers for ourselves and nab an original too.

The skull stickers are great and the original drawing is damn fine. The details of the actual are great and the slight embossed logo is a great touch.

Check out more of Defame’s work on his website and definitely follow him on Insta.