Skull Sticker Spotted near Brick Lane

If you’ve ever been to London, and in particular Brick Lane, then you will know that this area is covered in street art, graffiti, stickers, stencils and art installations. I work in the area and spotted this skull sticker on Hanbury Street, E1, while on my way to lunch.

I looked like one of the Instagram-happy-tourists trying to get a snap of this colourful skull sticker. Unfortunately I cannot credit the artist or designer as I have no idea who made it. If you know who it is, leave a comment below.

*Update – someone commented saying that this sticker belonged to an artist called Pin, and the next thing we knew we met him at the Curious Duke Gallery at one of their exhibitions. Will be doing a proper post on Pin on the 13th July 2013. Nuff said.

Skull Sticker