Skull Sneaker Designs

Marcelo-Schultz-We-Love-Kicks-3 Marcelo-Schultz-We-Love-Kicks-2 Marcelo-Schultz-We-Love-Kicks Skull Sneaker Designs Marcelo-Schultz-Nike-Skull-red-756x1024 Skull Sneaker Designs

Off the back of another successful project called ‘We Love Kicks,’ Nike commissioned Marcelo Schultz to create more magical graphic design – this time in the form of sneakers as skulls. The brief to ““Create a skull in a highly dimensional and dynamic way using footwear textures” and I would agree with Street Anatomy when I say that the execution is sublime especially the way he has used the textures of the sneaker to create the various parts of the skull.

This reminds me on an more skull sneakers and it baffles the mind to know that there is more than one way to turn a sneaker into a skull.

View his portfolio at and on Behance!