Skull Shoppe by Scourge999










Whilst spending a good portion of the morning looking for real human teeth, as you do, I realised we have not yet posted about Scourge999.

Scourge999 is the Instagram ‘ handle’ or whatever it’s called is for the owner of the ‘Skull Shoppe’. This guy has what is undoubtedly some of the best replica skulls you can get your hands on. So good, you begin to wonder if Scourge999 is indeed a grave robber.

Skull Shoppe
has a product section for ‘Museum’ grade skulls that are incredibly detailed whilst still maintaining decent prices of about $98 – $150 a pop.They also stocks cheaper novelty foam skulls for $30-$35.

You should definitely follow Scourge999 on his Instagram account as he is constantly updating with new skulls, projects and the amazing sculptures, drawings and paintings of other artists based on his skulls.