Skull Oil Paintings by Francesco Lombardo

oil_paintings_collection_1 skull_oil_paintings_3 skull_oil_paintings_collection_2

This collection of skull oil paintings were created by Francesco Lombardo, an Italian US-based artists who specialising in landscapes and the human figures. He created a series of oil on panel skulls, each one 4×5 and each one unique. We really wanted to feature Francesco in our skull art exhibition as his work is beautiful and engaging, and he would’ve added another level to an already powerful visual display.

These 4×5 skull paintings, titled oil on canvas are all numbered and part of a once off collection. We have 5 available in our shop, but as you see from the other images, he has loads more and they are an absolute bargain at £34.99.

Please visit Francesco Lombardo’s profile on our Skull Society shop. 

Skull Painting No. 173

skull painting by Francesco Lombardo

Skull Painting No. 7

skull oil painting


Skull Painting no. 88

skull oil painting by Francesco LombardoSkull Painting no. 163

painting by Francesco Lombardo


Skull Painting no. 126

skull oil painting by Francesco Lombardo 2