Skull Mayhem with Andrei Bouzikov

Skull_Illustration_4 Skull_Illustration_5 Skull_Illustration_3 Skull_Illustration_1 Skull_Illustration_2 Andrei_Bouzikov_Skull_T-shirt_Design_2 Andrei_Bouzikov_Skull_T-shirt_Design Andrei_Bouzikov__Skull_Illustration_3 Andrei_Bouzikov__Skull_Illustration_2 Andrei_Bouzikov__Skull_Illustration_1

The portfolio of Andrei Bouzikov is absolutely brimming with skulls and death. Death upon death and skulls in between. Andrei has a varied skill set with regards to executing his creations. A glance through his website shows he is capable of painting, pen illustration and a dash of tee designing.

Originally found on Cotton Candy Machine