Skull Hair and Make-up

skull hair styleskull eye make up

It goes without saying that we love a good skull and although we share lots of cool skulls from the art industries we do like to throw random skull-themed stories and other unique skulls we find online, and this skull hair and make-up is deserved of a place on the SAS wall.

The skull haircut is pretty cool and must take some steady hands to execute such creative designs. It’s a pity the hair grows back so quickly, maybe a die hard skull lover would think about getting laser treatment for a permanent look! WARNING: Don’t try that at home kids, but if you do take pics and send them our way!!

The detail in skull make-up is amazing as well! The make-up artists must have incredibly small hands 🙂

Both these images were found on Facebook are not credited – please comment if you know anything about who these people are! We’ll give them a deserved shout-out.