Skull Etchings By Otto D'ambra

MODERN ANATOMY  skull etchings Otto D'Ambra Skull Etching Standing-dreamer-skull-etching by Otto D'Ambra

Otto Da’Ambra, a London-based tattoo and artist, has started to make a name for himself with his stunning etchings. His tattoo work is simply mind-blowing and when transferred onto paper goes it continues to impress. His skull etching’s represent some of the best original pen work we’ve seen and we were lucky enough to work with him for Celebrabis Vitae. He creates a variety of work but we have of course focussed on the good stuff, the skull!

I am also excited to announce that he his exhibiting his own solo show at the Curious Duke Gallery opening next week on the 4th of June in London. Join the Facebook invite here, for Otto’s Private View, if you can – we’ll be there in force and will be happy to share a beer with any of our dedicated followers!

The show is titled: “We Are All Animals” and promises to live up to the expectation if you are a fan! Otto’s tattoo studio, The White Elephant Studio, is based in Hackney, East London – I can imagine there is a waiting list to get ink’d!