Skull Drawings by Tavo Montanez

Skull_Drawings_Tavo_Montanez_3 Skull_Drawings_Tavo_Montanez_2 Skull_Drawings_Tavo_Montanez_1 Skull_2_Tavo_Montanez_ Skull_Tavo_Montanez_

Tavo Montanez is a multi faceted freelance illustrator/designers from Mexico. Amongst his pen creations you can find some wicked looking skull drawings. One of these is a polygon skull covered in drawings of worms and decay. I think this was a blank skull given to an array of artists to decorate for a past exhibition.

Tavo’s skills at stippling and linework also extend beyond the world of paper. Often you can find his drawings as large-scale murals on walls or within digital landscape.

Many of his original drawings can be bought from his Etsy online store. Various prints and other merchandise can be found on his Society 6 profile.