Skull Chairs

We love all things skulls, not just amazing illustrations and artwork. Saying that here are a couple of interesting looking skull chairs I have been collecting.  I have credited where I could so if you see a chair without proper accreditation and you know you made it then share it with a brother 🙂

The Sensory Deprivation Skull by Joep van Lieshout of Atelier Van Lieshout


Louis in extremis chairs by Geoffrey Bradfield for Kyle Bunting (inspired by Alexander McQueen)



Stress Ball Chair – The work of polish designer Bashko Trybek

stress ball skull chair

Mathieu Naud Skull Chair found on


Tatted Skull Chair by Scott Campbell

Tatted Chair by Scott Campbell

Skull Chair by Vladi Rapaport

skull-chair-by-Vladi Rapaport