More Skull Artwork – Paul Alexander Thornton

colourful-pen-skull-drawing-by-paul-alexander-thornton CV_Paul_1untitled skull artworkskull artwork by paul alexander thorntonpaul alexander thorntonCV_Paul_4

Paul Alexander Thornton is a magician with a ball-point pen. So much so that every piece of his, skulls or not, completely blows my mind. His skulls are incredibly detailed and have a vibrancy about them which is a refreshing take on skulls in art, when compared the gloomy and macabre. We’ve shared his work countless times which can be seen here.

We were so excited to have him part of our inaugural  skull exhibition, Celebrabis Vitae, and now his work is also available in our skull shop! Result 🙂

View Paul’s beautiful pen work here on the Skull Shop, and if you wish to get one of these collectible pieces as part of your collection please do contact us, or place the order directly on our site. Pieces can be framed or sold as a print.