Skull Artist Announcement – Raf the Might – Celebrabis Vitae

raf the might skull illustration 3

Oh yes! In the build up to this exhibition I have been watching my emails like a hawk, in anticipation of hearing from some of the coolest skull artists I know. And most of them come with good news, like the latest announcement – RAF THE MIGHT will be exhibiting some artwork at Celebrabis Vitae! BOOM.

His work is powerful and extremely graphic and ranges from Day-of-the-Dead inspired designs to some serious heavy metai-styled skulls, it is some of the best illustrative work I have seen. I wonder which one we’ll have to show you? Best you come by and see for yourself. You can like Raf the Might’s Facebook page and you’ll have the honour of seeing his fantastic skull creations on a daily basis.

CELEBRABRIS VITAE Exhibition Details:

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