Skull Artist Announcement – Iain Macarthur – Celebrabis Vitae

pattern-skull-shade-iain macarthur

I think I get a tad excited when introducing my favourite skull artists and I’m about to do it again… Iain Macarthur is one of our favourite artists and illustrators of all time. We’ve been following him for years now, which is crazy considering how young he is, and have always admired his illustrative style which you can see here and here, especially when it comes to skulls. THE MAN’S GOT SKILLZ YO.

Iain will also be joining us for the opening night, where he’ll be displaying his amazing skills doing the live drawing for the event, Celebrabis Vitae. Please show the man some skull appreciation and come see him in action on opening night! Details for the show are below.

CELEBRABRIS VITAE Exhibition Details:

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