Skull Artist Announcement – Hannah Adamaszek – Celebrabis Vitae

skull canvas by hannah

Some artists have a hidden secret, a guilty pleasure if you will, where they get the chance to draw something which is not only challenging but also something they long to draw or paint! Now I’m not sure if this is the case with upcoming artist Hannah Adamaszek, but I’d like to think so. For Celebrabis Vitae, Hannah has created this original skull on canvas using acrylic and using the colours synonymous with her style and execution. We love it!

We met Hannah through the Curious Duke Gallery here in London, and in the 3 years we have known her we have seen her grow into a fine artist mixing painting and street art together to bring striking female portraits. He style is distinct and beautiful and she’s one of the ‘hottest’ artists around currently making some serious waves in the London art scene. Hannah has broken her own mold by taking part in the show but we do hope she makes more skulls, but only for us 🙂

Take a look at Hannah’s other paintings and street here on her website.

CELEBRABRIS VITAE Exhibition Details:

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