Skull Art by Xrista Stavrou

dark skull art Xrista Stavrou more skull art by Xrista Stavrou skull art by Xrista Stavrou 2 skull artskulls by Xrista Stavrouskull art by Xrista Stavrou

Xrista Stavrou is a digital artist we found on the Saatchi Art online gallery and shop. Xrista creates many variations of skull art using illustration, digital components and photography. Her work has an elegance to it which is consistent with every piece and there is a definite girly touch which is I feel compliments her work. I have various skull blogs and pages, especially on Facebook, where the skulls are super goth/metal and are very aggressive, and truth be told I am not really a fan of those. I definitely prefer Xrista’s execution!

You can read more about her on her Saatchi profile and see more of her work there too.