Skull and Owl Tee by Hydro 74

Hydro_74_Skull_and_Owl_Tee_1Hydro_74_Skull_and_Owl_Tee_3 Hydro_74_Skull_and_Owl_Tee_2

The chances are quite good that you have seen the work of Hyrdo 74 at some point (featured before on this blog). He is known for his ornate style when creating illustrations for tees and prints. Hydro draws skulls and animals will equal fervor. Cast your eyes upon this gem, ‘Owl’ or Skull and Owl tee as we call it.

This Skull and Owl Tee looks damn fine and can be purchased for $24.99 from Hydro 74’s online store. There are plenty of skull prints as well, so feast your eyes on his slick vector lines.