The Skull of Alexander Pearce


Alexander Pearce was a notorious Irish fellow with a taste for theft and human flesh and his story sounds like the script of a film starring Daniel Day-Lewis. Well there was a movie called The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce but it didn’t star him. Alexander was an Irish convict (maybe that’s the reason for the D Lewis link) who was transported to Tasmania (now part of Australia), then known as Van Diemen’s Land, for theft that carried a sentence of seven years.

Alexander escaped many times and on one of these occasions he joined a group of fellow convicts on an escape journey up the Tasmanian coast. Whilst on this endeavour they starved and drew straws as to who was going to get eaten. Oh yes, the leader had an axe. The journey continued. They got hungry again…

If you like the sound of this macabre tale then head over to Alexander Pearce Wiki page to read the whole story as it’s fairy bizarre and gruesome.