Skull Absinthe Spoon

This incredible skull Absinthe spoon was created by designer, jeweller and metalsmith Tam Gannon. This shiny skull is made from surgical grade stainless steel, fine silvers and an oval onyx and was a gift for fellow skull lover Gerrard King. Love the coffin shaped detail.

For those of you that don’t know or have never tried, this spoon is placed on the rim of a glass of Absinthe (think devil’s breath), a sugar cube is placed on top and dissolved into the drink by slowly dripping cold water over it and into the glass. You then stir it up with the spoon and knock it back. You can also douse the sugar cube in some Absinthe, set alight, and let it melt into the glass, like we tried in some dimly lit club in Amsterdam.

Check out more of Tam Gannon’s creations on his website of Facebook page.


skull-Absinthe-spoon-1 skull-Absinthe-spoon-2 skull-Absinthe-spoon-3