Skin Deep Original Artwork by Mr Gresty


Skin Deep was the skull submission by London-based artist and designer Mr Gresty. We were delighted that Mr Gresty submitted this piece and exhibited, alongside an illustrious list of artists, at Celebrabis Vitae.

Mr Gresty regularly hosts a number of art shows in and around East London at the Lauriston, The Hanbury Arms and the Regent pubs, and he always invites us along to exhibit artwork, through Mr Four Fingers, drink and eat.

The artwork was created by dabbing acrylic onto the surface to slowly make up the skull, using the variation in the sizes of the dabs to create the shadows. It really is quite incredible.

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Skin Deep Original Artwork Details:

Artists Name: Mr Gresty
Name of piece: Only Skin Deep
Type: Original
Materials used: Acrylic on heavyweight cartridge paper.
Country: England
Twitter: @mrgrestystudio
Price: £666 Original framed

Size: 50X70CM

Prints available: Only £40!

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