Shogyo Mujo @ Adobe MAX BASH

This amazing skull design project, Shogyo Mujo, reminds me of that Amon Tobin 3D set design which makes his stage come alive with images and graphics. I would love to see this in person as the visual feasting my eyes would enjoy would be mind-blowing.

Shogyo Mujo is a transient 3D projection-mapped skull collaboration between design firm BARTKRESA design, artist Joshua Harker, and staging company WorldStage.
It represents the 1st of the 3 marks of Dharma which states that all things are impermanent. This philosophy is visualized through a myriad of mappings onto the skull, transforming it into dozens of unique experiences.

Shogyo Mujo @ Adobe MAX BASH from BARTKRESA design on Vimeo.

  • Skull design – Joshua Harker
  • projection design – Bart Kresa
  • creative direction – Bart Kresa, Vincent Rogozyk
  • graphic design – Vincent Rogozyk, Dylan Roscover, Alek Morawski, Lukasz Cwiek, Marta
  • Zurawska, Joshua Harker
  • animation – Vincent Rogozyk, Dylan Roscover
  • playback and interactive system programming – Dylan Roscover
  • real time performance – Bart Kresa, Vincent Rogozyk, Dylan Roscover
  • original concept – Veronique Pittman
  • digital projectors – Christie Digital
  • skull fabrication – Paul Quilter, Arc Stone Design