Ryan Mathew Cohn’s Exploded Skulls and Skull Jewelery

Ryan Mathew Cohn is a man with an obsessive passion for skulls and his bio clearly outlines his passion and makes me want to learn more about our beloved calcium friend. I stumbled upon his work while looking for more info on skull anatomy as I think it’s about time I learned all the sections. Ryan’s fascination of skulls lead him down a path of discovery leading him to the works of Claude Beauchene, an 18th Century French anatomist that created ‘exploded’ skulls.

This discovery combined with Ryan’s talent as a custom jeweler has enabled him revivify this antiquated art form. Below are some of his amazing works but be sure to also check out his website as amongst other things there is a video playing in the background with a camera view rotating around some of his creations. As you can see they are incredible.

His Tumblr account is well worth checking out as it has loads of skulls and other creepy shit like shrunken heads. Ryan’s collection is truly amazing.

Ryan_Mathew_Cohn_Exploded_ Ryan_Mathew_Cohn_ExplodedRyan_Mathew_Cohn_ExplodedRyan_Mathew_Cohn_ExplodedRyan_Mathew_Cohn_Exploded_skulls_2