Rock 'n' Roll Rings by Fourspeed Metalwerks

chop a head skull ring clown skull by Fourspeed Metalwerks damaged skull by Fourspeed Metalwerks deathrider by fourspeed metalwerks fractas skull by Four Speed MetalWerks jawbreak by Fourspeed Metalwerks jawless by Four Speed Metal Werks magna cranium pompaskull by Four Speed Metal Werks samurai skull ring wizking by Four Speed Metal Werks

Self-proclaimed as the designers of the world’s most detailed rock ‘n’ roll jewellery, Fourspeed Metalwerks live up to their own hype by producing some of the finest, and meanest looking skull rings around. The skull rings are bold and referred to as ‘metal arts,’ and they been created through a number of collaborations with artists, musicians, skaters and brands from all corners of the globe.