Reverse Graffiti by Orion

I have heard the term ‘ reverse graffiti’ before, when instead adding marks (spray paint, paint etc) you actually remove areas of dirt to create your image. Selective cleaning if you will.

So that puts the police in a strange position as you are not vandalising but rather cleaning. Alexandre Orion did just that in a São Paulo street tunnel. As you can see from the video Orion uses some form of solvent to erase the grime from the tunnel fence to create a “catacomb of skulls”.

He spent wto weeks creating this skull piece as message to show people the tragedy of pollution. The only way the government could stop Orion was to wash away his skulls. When he carried on working elsewhere in the tunnel, they decided to wash the rest of the tunnel. To make sure he stayed away, the government ended up cleaning all the tunnels.

Originally found on Wired