Real Painted Animal Skulls from the Outback

Real wild boar skull Real wild boar skull 2 Real wild boar animal skull  3

Title: ‘I’m Dead’
Size: 23x23x30cm
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Real painted buffalo animal skull 2 Real painted buffalo skull 3 Real painted buffalo skull

Title: ‘Holy Cow’
Materials: Real buffalo skull, acrylic paint and collage
Size: 90x90x22cm

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The exquisite real animal skulls were painted by Violet Bond, Australian-based artist who lives in Maningrida on the coast of Arnhem Land in a remote Aboriginal community, in Northern Australia, where life can be harsh to those who experience the wrong side of the lands power. Art is Violets way to connect her life to the world.

She has always been fascinated with the ritual, spirituality, cultural expression and passion of people in association with death. I have always found the ‘western’ style of dealing with death, cold and unemotional. And yet cultures all over the world including the one that Violet lives in, have a connectedness, a shared pain and a love that one is never left to deal with alone.

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