Pushead Toy Addiction

Brian_Schroeder_sKull_Toy_8 Brian_Schroeder_sKull_Toy_9 Brian_Schroeder_sKull_Toy_6 Brian_Schroeder_sKull_Toy_7 Brian_Schroeder_sKull_Toy_5 Brian_Schroeder_sKull_Toy_1 Brian_Schroeder_sKull_Toy_4_pushead Brian_Schroeder_sKull_Toy_3_Pushead Brian_Schroeder_sKull_Toy_2_Pushead

One man and his massive Pushead Toy collection. If you are like me and don’t know what that means then bear with me. Pushead is the artistic alias of Brian Schroeder, an artist who has created artwork for many bands and celebrities alike. You can see his work on the covers of Metallica, Dr Dr,The Misfits and the list goes on.

Whilst creating all this artwork (as well as being a record label owner and writer), Pushead creates a whole bunch of toys. These same toys became an almost life long collecting addiction for Rob Ankrom. These Pushead toys can can found in great detail on his blog aptly named ‘My Pushead Addiction’.