Polyopic Fragments by Randy Ortiz

Randy_Ortiz_1 Randy_Ortiz__2

There is a skull in there, which means I can share the amazing work of Randy Ortiz. Been following the work and ramblings of Randy for a while now and I must say, I dig this fella. Not only do I love his works (bought one of his ‘First Date’ screen prints) but I also admire the way he goes about it. He is constantly tackling hard things to draw/render, like voluminous folds of fabric or miasmic smoke. Ok that last one sounds confusing. Just check out his portfolio and you will see what I mean.

Randy Ortiz is also an artist that has a voice as a person and not just his art. He often writes weird shit that baffles some of his followers (referring to social media comments). They are not sure if he is joking or being serious. You either get Randy or not. Wait…

This particular creation is called ‘Her Visage Sullied with Iniquity’. It is a SOLD OUT limited edition print and is a part of the Polyopic Fragments collection.