Mutants VS Masterminds

mutants vs mastermindsI have never heard of the game Mutants VS Masterminds but after having a little snoop around their website I found out that it’s a point based character creation game where you play with friends, need to have a great imagination and a Gamemaster!

Anyway I stumbled across this creepy as fuck scorpion creature that is covered in skulls, called Skull Ripper and like the name suggests ‘it’ rips your skull off and then wears it. Fuck that. Below is an excerpt from the M&M website describing the loathsome creature:

A fearsome chittering heralds the approach of this morbid
monstrosity. A giant headless scorpion-like thing of blackened bone
and chitin rounds the corner ahead, scuttling along the wall as its
two pincers snap ominously. A long grisly tail composed of dozens
of chattering skulls arches up over its back. Some of the skulls are
ancient and bleached white, while others are recent trophies still
shrouded in rotting cheeks, their jellied eyes rolling madly in their

I full expect to have a visit from Skull Ripper later tonight. Thanks guys.