Mural Featuring a Skull by Rone and Meggs

One day we shall paint a skull using a cherry picker but until then we will watch how others do it. This massive mural was created by Rone and Meggs for the peoples market in Melbourbe.

Follow this link to watch the process video for the creation of the mural and see how to use a mop properly.

Awhile ago Meggs had an exhibit in London that I went to see but I arrived as they were packing up. The website got the closing times wrong. I had a brief chat with the guys packing up the artwork and asked them how the show was. Later I found an interview online with Meggs and realised that the guy I spoke to was the man himself or at least I’m pretty sure it was. Doh!

Found on mashKULTURE


Rone_Meggs_Mural skullRone_Meggs_Mural skullRone_Meggs_Mural_1Rone_Meggs_Mural_4