Moray Eel Skull

Image Source: BioLib

This skull may have the appearance of a snake skull but what you are indeed looking at is a moray eel skull. I have always been fascinated by moray eels and their ability to send chills down ones spine with their surprise attacks and dead looking eyes.

I recently discovered, whilst reading the wonderful ‘Skulls’ of Dudley Moore, that this watery creature has yet another nightmarish feature. A second set of jaws like some aquatic Xenomorph.

Image source: Tyler’s Aquarium’s

Traditionally fish use a method of suction when capturing and eating prey. This suction is caused when the fish rapidly opens its mouth thus drawing in water. As the moray eel’s mouth doesn’t expand the same way it is believed that the moray developed this form of eating due to the limited space it inside it’s crammed dwelling. This hidden jaw is called a pharyngeal jaw is located just behind the mouth in the pharynx.


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Image source: Fine Art America