Mexican Day of the Dead

In 2015 the British Museum celebrated the Days of the Dead in a four-day festival full of colour, music, storytelling and art. This beautiful documentary introduces the history and evolution of the Mexican Day of the Dead, from its pagan beginnings to the multi-faceted ceremony it is today.

Artist Betsabee Romero, curator Laura Osorio Sunnucks and paleobiologist Omar Regalado Fernandez talk about how every year the dead are remembered and summoned by the observances of the living who cook, eat drink, make music and decorate their graves – by ‘the spirit of things, and the love of us’.

The Days of the Dead festival was at the British Museum from 30th October to 2nd November 2015.

Supported by BP
In association with the Government of Mexico as part of 2015: Year of Mexico in the UK