Meg Coleman’s Skull Sculptures

Freelance artist Meg Coleman has some fantastic skull sculptures or in her words ‘Skull-pture’ (Nice one!). She is presently interested in the “beauty of the remnants left after life’. That is probably one of the most beautiful sentences I have read.

Meg currently has two forms of skulls available for purchase. The first and most impressive are the sculptural skull lights. These are cast to represent clear quartz crystal but also come in a variety of styles like marble, green, white or slate. I have surprisingly not seen a skull light like this before and I must say it does look rather fine. Prices are £350-£450 depending on choice of finish.

The second are skulls cast from a silicone mould that can be decorated to any effect. It’s a pretty good looking cranium as far as skulls go. Prices are £120-£250 depending on design.

You can check out some of Meg Coleman’s other sculptural work out by following this link

Meg_Coleman_1 Meg_Coleman_2 Meg_Coleman_5Meg_Coleman_8 Meg_Coleman_6