Maximo Lutz Skull Tattoos

Cara_ob_by_maximolutztattoo_Skull Tattoos Calavera_Milano_by_maximolutztattoo_Skull Tattoos Calavera_Roma_by_maximolutztattoo_Skull Tattoos Calavera_Microfono_by_maximolutztattoo_Skull Tattoos Calavera_Meltdown_by_maximolutztattoo Calavera_Granada_by_maximolutztattoo Calavera_Cover_Up_by_maximolutztattoo Calavera_Color_by_maximolutztattoo Calavera_Br_by_maximolutztattoo Cala_ac_by_maximolutztattoo

There are a few things I never get bored of when it comes to the human skull and all the different ways to create them . One of those ways is skull tattoos. The fusion of amazing drawing ability and pain.

If you are looking for a colourful and downright skilled skull tattoo artist then you should check out the art and tattoo creations of Maximo Lutz. He is currently based in Barcelona, Spain.