Luke Chueh's Dissected Bear and Skull Kickstarter

This is a Kickstarter Project by Luke Chueh and he’s looking to get his iconic bear head design with a quarter cut exposed, showing the human skull within, fully painted in vinyl.

Fund it now! The need $17,000+ to get started!

A bit more about the project – Artist & creator Luke Chueh — known for his parody-laden paintings & designer toys — presents a project very near and dear to his heart: Dissected.

Accompanies by human skull within, the iconic anthropomorphic bear character is more human than we previously thought, this vinyl sculpture measures 6″ [t] × 6″ [w] × 5½” [d] and will be factory painted to approximate Luke’s original “Anthropomorphized” painting.

The project is in partnership with Clutter Magazine, a 10 year veteran of the designer toy world, and Unbox Industries, a skilled and reputable producer of vinyl toys.

Fund it now!