Linocut Skulls by The Black Gold Press

Black_Gold_Press_Linocut_Skulls_4 Black_Gold_Press_Linocut_Skulls_2 Black_Gold_Press_Linocut_Skulls_3 Black_Gold_Press_Linocut_Skulls_1 Black_Gold_Press_3 Black_Gold_Press_2 Black_Gold_Press_1

I was first introduced to lino cutting back in the days of college. It involved gently heating linoleum in a small heater (with conveyor belt). Tiny tools were then used to gouge out a design. Tiny tools that play mayhem on untrained fingers. Sadly there were no linocut skulls. It’s such a nice way to create images, being an especially good process for achieving a rustic aesthetic.

Ieuan Edwards from The Black Gold Press is one such artist who explores the world of lino cutting and printing. In so doing he has created these a few cracking linocut skulls along the way. I mentioned in the first paragraph that we used to “gouge out a design”. This glosses over how much more talent is involved in creating a good piece. First the design is drawn onto the linoleum, then meticulously carved (heated repeatedly), the relief design is then inked up, ready to be pressed upon paper. Each piece will have it’s own nuances of texture.