Linocut Skulls and Skull Tattoos by Luca Bassi

Luca_Bassi_Linocut_skulls_7 Luca_Bassi_Linocut_skulls_3 Luca_Bassi_Linocut_skulls_4 Luca_Bassi_Linocut_skulls_5 Luca_Bassi_Linocut_skulls_6 Luca_Bassi_Linocut_skulls_2 Luca_Bassi_Linocut_skulls_1

Following on from a recent post about linocut skulls I stumbled across yet more. This time the linocuts come from Luca Bassi. Luca has quite a distinctive style, a combination of 50’s tattoo aesthetic and old woodblock prints/carvings.

Luca has a great portfolio of tattoo work and linocut prints.