Life-size Skull Candles

skull candleslifesize skull candles

Skull Candles of London produce these life-size skull candles and sell them from their Camden Market stalls (and online of course!). They are London’s only supplier of handmade, life-size anatomically correct scented skull candles.

The candles burn for up to eight hours and as the candle burns through, the skull glows from the inside, creating an ambient atmosphere with a long-lasting scent. Once burned through, the inner candle can then be replaced, so you can use your candle over and over again. RESULT!

Their skull candles come in a range of colours and in various combinations, from black and red, to purple and pink, and have many scents including: Lemon, mixed berries, liquorice and vanilla.

Long descriptions aside, these candles make for an affordable, unique gift idea and are a definite talking point of any household.

Here is a link to their Facebook page – be sure to visit this and also their stall to get an eye-full of these great skulls.