Life and Death

Life_and_Death_Haruko_Maeda_5 Life_and_Death_Haruko_Maeda_3 Life_and_Death_Haruko_Maeda_4 Life_and_Death_Haruko_Maeda_2 Life_and_Death_Haruko_Maeda_1 Haruko_Maeda_6 Haruko_Maeda_4 Haruko_Maeda_3 Haruko_Maeda_1 Haruko_Maeda_2

Themes of life and death play a major role in the portfolio of, Japanese artist, Haruko Maeda. Haruko’s work is recognisable for it’s skulled people and 1600’s style of depicting figures. Her work is detailed and often gives you, the viewer, a sense of unease.

Haruko Maeda currently resides in Austria.

Originally found on Hi Fructose