The Legend of Hell House Film Poster

Classic horror film poster featuring a disembodied skull and glaring eyeball that somehow follows you. This skull poster is for a 1973 British horror flick called The Legend of Hell House, based on Richard Matheson’s novel ‘ Hell House’.

Try as I might I can’t find out who actually created the poster, as in the artist and not designer, so if you find out then drop the answer in the comment section below.

The_Legend_of_Hell_House_1 The_Legend_of_Hell_House_2

Read more about The Legend of Hell House on Wiki,  or  Sweet Skulls . Also, check out the trailer below (parodied in Scream films) where a cat sounds like a tiger and furniture behaves in a truly unruly manner.

There were also various versions of this film poster as it was distributed in various countries which you can check out over at  Movie Poster DB