Kit King Skull Paintings

Kit_King_Skull_Paintings_7Kit_King_Skull_Paintings_6Kit_King_Skull_Paintings_5Kit_King_Skull_Paintings_4Kit_King_Skull_Paintings_3Kit_King_Skull_Paintings_1Kit_King_Skull_DrawingKit King is another unbelievable artist that we have been fortunate enough to stumble across in the wonderful land of Instagram. Her portfolio is split into either amazing large-scale portraits or wonderful skull drawings and paintings.

Kit King is a self-taught Canadian artist with a penchant for the beautifully macabre. She also has seven years experience as a tattoo artist who regularly collaborates with fellow artist and husband Corey Popp.

All of her originals are available from her online store. But if you are interested in prints then be sure to visit her Society 6 store. There is even an amazing skull ring, which is a collaboration with Street Evil USA.