Joshua Harker, Sideways and Nike Collaboration

3D printed skull trophies front 3D printed skull trophies Joshua Harker creates 3D printed skull trophies NikeCasaFenomen

Joshua Harker teamed up with Nike, for their Nike Risk Everything World Cup competition, and created these stunning 3D printed skull trophies. The winner of the competition will receive these skulls and I have to admit that I super jealous that I haven’t entered yet – anyways there is still time.

The football World Cup is one of the biggest spectacles this world has ever seen and Joshua Harker is starting to make a name for himself in a big way! We have obviously blogged about him before and he was one of the first artists to use 3D-printing to create skulls.

To create these trophy skulls, Shapeways worked together with Joshua over the course of two months to ensure printability and structural integrity, and then sent the final models to Nike. The golden skulls are now being held in Rio de Janeiro at the Phenom House” or “Casa Fenomenal.