Jim Skull

Jimskull_4 Jimskull_5 JIM et ses sculptures Jimskull_3 Sculpture Jim 21/01/2012 www.jim-skullgallery.com Jimskull_1 JIM et ses sculptures JIM et ses sculptures Jim_Skull_4  Jacques Antoine Granjon

ambrotype7_4096 ambrotype2_4096 We are more than a little shocked to find that we have yet to feature Jim Skull on The Skull Society. I mean he even has the word ‘skull’ in his name. He also happens to have some of the most beautiful skull creations we have seen. They are superb.

Jim’s skulls are a simplified version of a human skull that are often covered in beads, string and various other material. The material used on the skull often cascades down from the mandible to the floor. Instantly recognisable and utterly gorgeous.

Mr Skull has an impressive set of ambrotype (also known as collodion) photographs that feature skulls viewed from above. This unusual view makes the skull look like a giant fossilized dinosaur egg.

Jim Skull was also a part of our Celebrabis Vitae exhibition last year. His piece was donated on behalf of Live Life Give Life, an organ donor organisation. Jim’s piece was an ambrotype photograph of a skull (front view this time). It was damn fine.