Jewelled Skull Sculptures by Virginia the Wolf

racka ram skull

Eye-catching hand-painted and hand embellished real racka ram skull with glass rhinestones

ram skull with acrylic pearls and 24k gold leaf

Beautiful hand painted and hand embellished real ram skull with acrylic pearls and 24k gold leaf

red deer skull

Hand-made black rhinestone studded with gold leaf design red deer skull

These incredible skull sculptures are the creations by Virginia the Wolf. They are all 100% real, ethically sourced, are have been decorate in gold leaf, rhinestones and acrylic pearls. I wish that when I die my skull can be decorated in a such a beautiful manner, instead being of covered in worms or burnt to ashes. Virginia the Wolf was another one of the artists from our skull art exhibition and their decorative skulls certainly made an impact!

Their skull sculptures are now available in the online shop which can be viewed here.