Jacob Dahlstrup Graphite Skull (s)

I was first introduced to Danish artist Jacob Dahlstrup quite awhile ago with his Flora Skull piece. An amazingly intricate massive graphite drawing of skull that is essentially a mass of plants. This behemoth took 100hrs to create and I can only imagine how many times his hand and mind went numb living at the tip of the pencil.

Jacob has a stunning portfolio with an array of graphite drawings, some of them like the Eclipse involved using something called sanguine. I had no clue what this was but I can let you know now (thanks Wiki) that sanguine is red chalk. His work varies in style from strong geometric shapes to the wonderfully textured craters on the moon.

He also has some sublime graphite drawings on animal skulls that were curated in bell jars (love those things) and various other skull pieces dotted about his portfolio.

Originally found on Dude Craft