Jack of the Dust

SKull cemetary skull and plants skull and bees Plain  skull jack_Of_The_Dust_J jack_Of_The_Dust_4 jack_Of_The_Dust_3 jack_Of_The_Dust_2 Gold Skull flower skullWe first found out about a fella called Jack of the Dust when he shared some of our Mr Four Fingers skulls creations on Insta. Sinc then we have been following his amazing Instagram account. Jack of the Dust not only shares his great work and collaborations but also the skull work of other artists. I have started following quitea few other talented artists due to this.

As you can tell, his gallery is full of skull goodness with quite a few popular culture chracetrs like Darth Maul, The Joker and Iron Man. Jack of the Dust is currently working  on a fantastic Ultron piece.

I reccomend that you visit his online store (ships from Australia) and be sure to follow him on his Instagram account.