Intimate X-Ray Portraits of Couples

This photographic series by Japanese student-artists Ayako Kanda and Mayuka Hayashi, from Musashino Art University, shows intimate x-ray portraits of couples and depicts human intimacy but without warmth. The images are cold & clinical but I can still feel and see (obviously) the intimacy in these shots.

The human skeleton, through the x-ray, makes you think of bodies in a medicinal way but here you can connect with the images because they aren’t of actual people, so there is no distinction in race, style, traits and this is another reason why I feel it works so well.

The revealing and exploratory work was part of these students’ thesis project at Musashino Art University. The students also won the Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award.

X-Ray Portraits of Couples photo series

X-Ray Portraits of Couples 2 X-Ray Portraits of Couples 3

X-Ray Portraits of Couples

It’s also worth mentioning that while we are always show skulls in all their forms and glory, we’ll also be sharing images which have skeletons in them (connected to skulls of course), but they go hand-in-hand anyways 🙂