Illustrated Business Cards

So in the spirit of busting our own balls over at Mr Four Fingers we decided to create illustrated business cards (Luxe from Moo). The cards are printed one side with our hand logo and the reverse has our details with a blank space left for a small illustration. This of course means a healthy amount of those are skulls.

Created with a combination of pens such as V5 Hi Tecpoint pen, Extra Fine Rotring Art Pen (this pen is the shit), Copic markers and Hi Opaque Posterman pens (kinda like paint markers).

I have only drawn about 12 cards so far. Only 138 more cards to go.


MFF_Illustrated_Business_Cards_4 MFF_Illustrated_Business_Cards_5 MFF_Illustrated_Business_Cards_7 MFF_Illustrated_Business_Cards_8 MFF_Illustrated_Business_Cards_11