Identifying Skulls

We were recently contacted by one of our fellow SAS followers about identifying a certain animal skull which we are, ehum, in the process of finding out. One our searches on the interwebs we found this cracking website called Skulls Unlimited. The collection of skulls on this website is mind boggling whether they are real or replicas I’m pretty sure you will find what you are looking for.

Skulls Unlimited
also works closely with the Museum of Osteology, Americas only skeleton museum located in Oklahoma City where they have over 300 skeletons on display. If you live in that area, then check it out and tell us all about it.

Whilst perusing their skulls I also realised that fish skulls are pretty damn weird, many with bones like interlocking plates of armour. Below are some of the fish skulls and some other unexpected finds.

Yellowfin_Grouper_Fish_Skull King_Mackerel_Fish_Skull Featherback_Fish_Skull two_headed_calf_skull Juvenille_Pit_Bull_Skull Vampire_Bat_Skull

Can you guess the skull below?